Who is a Consumer?
Section 32 of the Consumer Protection Council Act defines a consumer as “an individual, who purchases, uses, maintains or disposes of products or services”.

How does Conpulze work?
Conpulze provides a discussion board tailored for handling consumer stories in such a way that

  • Enables people to find similar cases to theirs. We believe this is one faster way to network people in a way to find a common solution.
  • Enables anyone to do some research about other peoples experience.
  • Provides a platform for dissimination of consumer-focused information and news alerts.

What do I stand to gain posting my experiences on Conpulze?

  • You will be throwing light on good, bad and ok services that you have experienced in the Nigerian market.
  • Goods and service providers are more inclined to treat you better when they know that you are likely to talk about it.
  • You stand a chance to get someone introduce you to a better marketplace where you will get better goods and services.
  • A problem half-shared is half-solved.

What does Conpulze do with the data posted on its site?
We treat this question seriously as it borders on our privacy policy. So, in line with our privacy policy and terms of service, under no condition we will do the following:

  • Sell information from user posted to any person or organization.
  • Sell user information to any person or organization.
  • Uncover the identity behind any post that has be made anonymously.

Read more about our privacy policy and terms of service here.

How do I remain Anonymous while posting my story on Conpulze??

Click on the radio button labelled “Stay anonymous” and the identity behind the post will be masked from the public.

What constitute an Abusive post or comment?
We define “Abuse” as any activity that uses the tools provided for a negative purpose. This include

  • reporting a false story to harm, malign any business, brand or organization.
  • reporting another story as abusive or malicious with the intent of having Conpulze moderators take such down.
  • incitement or uncivil discourse not related to any consumer dispute resolution.
  • direct physical or financial threats to person or group of persons.
  • propaganda or citing propaganda piece in an effort to push a narrative.
  • the use of false reviews.
  • posting stories that are entirely unrelated to consumerism.

It is also a responsibility of the community to ensure that such abusive or malicious content are reported to the moderators so that we can continue to make Conpulze serve its purpose.

Check out our privacy policy and terms of service.

How do I report a malicious post on my business on Conpulze?

On each content of the board, we have this icon (as shown above) that you may use to report any post or story that you feel is abusive or malicious. Afterwords, you may feel the form that will show up your screen explaining why this post should be considered malicious.

Note that Conpulze retains the right to agree or disagree with any submission.

How do you confirm the stories on Conpulze?
No. Different people have different experiences and Conpulze does not confirm, deny or is liable for any story on its site.

However, there are tools like “confirm”, “dispute” and “report abuse” that can help the anyone to credit, discredit or report as malicious any story or comment on the site as they see fit.

Conpulze retains the right as a moderator on this platform to take action on any content that breaks our terms of service,

Check out our privacy policy and terms of service.

What actions will be taken for people who falsely post on other people’s businesses?
First and foremost, we take abuse very seriously because of the negative impact it could have not only on the businesses reported on but on our trust level generally.
So, on receipt of any allegation of abuse, Conpulze team will

  • do our own investigation in not more than 72 hours and
  • on confirmation, we shall immediately take down the violating post or comment.
  • proceed to put the violating account in one month probationary period during which any further violation will result in account suspension.
  • subject to other factors, inform the reporter of the incident the findings of our own investigation.

Check out our privacy policy and terms of service.